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Many people wonder about the business that we are in. This page will tell you all about the Business Of Miniatures!
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Tiny Details is the leading artisan manufacturer of miniatures in the United States. All of our dollhouse miniatures are made by a home assembler.

All of our products are made by people who want to earn extra money in their spare time. We believe that we get a far superior product that any of our imported competion by using quality, intelligent assemblers.


Welcome to Tiny Details

Tiny Details has been open since 1999 and, since we make close to 500 different items, we are always looking for new assemblers.

Our assemblers have the flexibility of staying at home while making good money and at the same time, we get quality-made dollhouse miniatures to sell in both our retail store as well as wholesale to other shops throughout the world.

"I LOVE working at home for Tiny Details! My favorite item are the miniature books." - Daniel C., Las Cruces, NM

Our miniatures are sold wholesale and carried by many of the 2,200 miniature shops in the USA, world-wide, and on the Internet. Tiny Details’ miniatures are of the highest quality. They are not just craft shop quality--they are collector quality. They are meant to be just like the real item but smaller, which is what miniature collectors demand. Our products have been featured in many muesem exhibits and magazines including Miniature Collector Magazine. If you own a shop and are interested in carrying our miniatures, download our retail catalog in PDF format¬†Clicking Here.